Charcoal - Humans

Tess takes regular commissions and will happily travel to the clients’ house and set everything up there, providing there is an adequate amount of natural light. Tess will complete most of the portrait in situ, and will later complete it back in her studio. A charcoal head and shoulders will require between two and four sittings, with each one lasting roughly three hours with regular breaks. This length of time for sittings is very important for capturing depth and the true character. Tess prefers initially to work from life when working in charcoal as she feels this is the best way to capture a person’s true individual expression. She will make the process as effort free and simple as possible, and will always take initial photographs of various poses and clothing arrangements in order to make sure that everybody is completely happy before the portrait is started. Many of Tess’s clients are surprised at how much they enjoy the sittings and how relaxed they are.


A charcoal head and shoulders is £750.